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The Big Picture

An examination of the over all plan of God with respect to the people of Israel and the Church.
The Times of the Gentiles

The Times of the Gentiles

The Times of the Gentiles refers to all the time for Israel from the Babylonian captivity until the Second Coming of Christ.


We are not to rebellious against authority. God is the ultimate authority and he as appointed all others.
The Perfect Soul Mate

Your Perfect Soul Mate

You were made for Jesus and without him there will always be something missing within you.

God, Love and Sin

The first thing that I can say about God is that he is a person. He is not a human person, but a person nonetheless. This is an important thing to understand. God is a reasoning, feeling, person.

The Origin of Babylon

In the eleventh chapter of Genesis we see the origin of Babylon, and in the last book of the Bible we see the destruction of that same rebellious city. Man as been in rebellion from the beginning.