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The Antichrist/Beast – Origin – Part One

Now when they have finished their testimony, the beast that comes up from the Abyss will attack them, and overpower and kill the two witnesses.


In my mind peace is one of the tangible highly beneficial fruits that you harvest while growing in God.

The Four Kingdoms

Israel has not been a sovereign nation from the time of the Babylonian captivity. After them was the Media/Persian Greek and Roman.
Surely Not I, Lord

“Surely not I, Lord?”

We all sin against the Lord.

The Hidden Age

I find it very interesting that in most but not all of the Old Testament prophecies that they Church Age is invisible.

God’s Seven Day Plan

God has a plan that lasts for seven thousand years. It starts with Adam and ends with the Great Day of Judgement. There is no possibility of his plan being changes.