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When the Bible says that God is Love it doesn't mean romantic or emotional love. It is a love that is much deeper than that. It is a love that defines his person.

God Almighty

We cannot really begin to understand God's power.


Whenever I read the account of the fall of man in the Garden of Eden (Genesis chapter three) I always wondered at the wording concerning Adam and Eve’s nakedness; before and after they sinned. It always seemed to me that I was missing something.

Good and Evil

What are goodness and evil? Jesus said that only God was good, and the Bible says that we humans are evil.

The Time Traveler

This article is a bit whimsical, in that I explore the thought that in a way Jesus is God time traveling to the earth.


Humans, the earth and even the universe are temporary things that will soon be removed by God.

Noteworthy Articles

Going to Heaven?

Compared to the Afterlife this world is not so important. On Earth you may live up to 100 years; in the Afterlife, you remain forever. Think about this, please.