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How to Read the Bible

The Bible is a supernatural entity and must be read with reverence and prayer.

The Reward of Silence – Part 5 – Experiencing God in Prayer

There is great benefit in being quiet before the Lord.

The Presence of God

The chief resource of our perfection is the personal presence of God, of which God said long ago to Abraham, "Walk in my presence, and you will be perfect."

Beginning the Journey – Part 4 – Experiencing God in Prayer

Believe His Spirit is within you, for even the least educated person can understand that, and can understand that their focus...

Scriptural Meditation – Part 3 – Experiencing God in Prayer

Read a little Scripture and then meditation on what you read until you glean from it every tasty bit.

A Thirsty Heart – Part 2 – Experiencing God in Prayer

You must learn to pray from your heart and not your head. The mind is so limited in its operation that it can only focus on one object at a time.