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Going to Heaven?

Who will enter heaven?

Are you going to heaven? What happens to you after you die? These are critically important questions. Therefore let us see what the Bible has to say about it. After all, you are an eternal soul, and so you will be going somewhere.

God is the Author and Sustainer of life.

Within our bodies, blood flows to every cell supplying nutrient and removing waste. Similarly, God actively supplies whatever a spirit being needs and removes what is damaging. If your heart stops pumping, the death of the body very quickly follows; separation from God brings instant (spiritual) death. The putrefaction of a dead animal body is an accelerated metaphor for the mental decomposition of a disconnected spirit being. The angels that separated themselves from God are undergoing mental putrefaction, and we now call them demons. They have lost touch with reality.

Insanity is not allowed in Heaven

Any sensible person can understand that you cannot allow insane people to move about within society doing whatever they might do, and this is likewise true in eternity as well. The insane spirit beings who separated themselves from the Sustainer must live in a reality that is separated from the living. The living remains in God, and the separated from God must exist in the Lake of Fire.

Sin is like Fire: It Consumes its Host

The name Lake of Fire is a descriptive name for a reality where sin exists unchecked

Living separated from the Sustainer allows sin to reign in your being. The Bible metaphorically describes the effect of sin as being like fire. As fire consumes its host, so sin consumes the rationality of the spirit being. The name Lake of Fire is a descriptive name for a reality where sin exists unchecked. In the world, sin is all about, but it is nonetheless held within limits by God.

Two Temporary Realities: Paradise and Hell

Two temporary realities exist for those that have passed on; Paradise and Hell, and they will remain until the Last Day, AKA Judgement Day. On that day, both of these temporary realities will be emptied, and their inhabitants judged. Those persons that lived in the hope of God will be accepted by God, and so will go the heaven and those that lived for themselves consigned to the Lake of Fire. The reason for delayed judgment is that God is patient, and by delaying judgment, more persons will come to him and be saved from eternal death.

Separation from God caused by sin brings with it its own punishment

There is a hidden truth regarding eternal punishment; those that suffer in the Afterlife do so by their own hand. Separation from God caused by sin brings with it its own punishment; think addiction. A man that drives away the sweetest of wives no longer has the pleasure of her company. Spirits that separate themselves from God slowly suffocate.

Who will go to heaven?

In conclusion, God is completely good and wise. This is why he is the only one capable of guiding us eternally. We are all weak and ignorant of the pitfalls of selfishness. Having a faithful relationship with him is so important.

The Creator desires that you live eternally with him, he made you for that very purpose. We were lost and destined for eternal separation from him, so he sent his Son Jesus Christ to provide a path from death (separation from God) back into harmony (faithful union) with the Father. Those that believe in God and then repent of their love of the world and its selfish ways can put their trust in Jesus and thereby be restored to the Creator and will live with him forever in heaven.


Check out this from A.W. Tozer – A Man of God

Mark Heaney
This is my greatest desire: That the eyes of my heart may be enlightened in order that I may know the hope to which he has called me, the riches of his glorious inheritance in the saints, and his incomparably great power for us who believe. Ephesians 1:18–19


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