Friday, December 11, 2020


In Christ

The only way to be reconnected by faith to God is to die to the world and by faith join to Christ, and through Christ's resurrection you become alive again in God.

Why Believe in Jesus

Jesus is the one that God sent to save mankind--enough said.

The Anatomy of Man

Mankind is more than a Homo Sapiens animal. He is a spiritual being that has been created in the image and likeness of God.

The Nature of Evil

What is evil? The answer to that is much more subtle than you might think.


When the Bible says that God is Love it doesn't mean romantic or emotional love. It is a love that is much deeper than that. It is a love that defines his person.

God Almighty

We cannot really begin to understand God's power.

Random Articles

God’s Seven Day Plan

God has a plan that lasts for seven thousand years. It starts with Adam and ends with the Great Day of Judgement. There is no possibility of his plan being changes.

The Invisible People

God is not self-seeking, and so we must be like him. As selfless people we become, more or less, invisible in society.

Mortification and Recollection

We do not always need to follow the spirit of mortification and recollection, which tends to withdraw us from social relationships, and we do not always need to pursue our zeal to lead others to God.


An article written by Article By: L Bierworth about Noah.

The Psychology of Man

The world can’t see beyond its borders. This is God’s way of sharing his delights with those that belong to him, while keeping it a mystery to those that should not understand them. God is a God of faith, and those that are his are by definition children of faith.