Tuesday, August 4, 2020

Scriptural Meditation – Part 3 – Experiencing God in Prayer

Take a small portion of Scripture and allow that passage to be digested before going on to the nest. Draw from it its fullest meaning – try to relate it to other similar Scripture – memorize it. Just as in physical food, you receive no nourishment until you chew and swallow. Don’t wander from subject to subject – allow each truth to be meditated upon while its sweet flavor remains fresh. Learn to pray the Word; this will keep you from distractions. St. Augustine once blamed himself for all the lost time trying to find God’s will when, from the very beginning, he could have done so by his manner of praying the Word. When you have settled into a peaceful spirit and are aware of God’s presence when earthly distractions are not your primary thought, you have fed on God’s Word and chosen by an act of your will to believe it, you are now ready to communicate with your heavenly Father.





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