Saturday, July 2, 2022

The Bitter and the Sweet – Part 8 – Experiencing God in Prayer

Be patient during suffering. Don’t withdraw from one season to another; give yourselves totally. You will not find consolation in anything other than the love of the cross and total abandonment. If you do not savor the cross, you cannot savor the things of God (Matt 16:33. Prov 27:7), to the hungry soul every bitter thing is sweet. You end up hungering for God in the same proportion as your soul is hungering for the cross. God gives us the cross, and the cross gives us God. As soon as anything is presented to you in the form of suffering, and you begin to feel resistance in your spirit, resign yourself immediately to God. Give yourself and your circumstances to Him. Then when the cross arrives, it will not be so burdensome. Wait for God to reveal Truth to you. Allow Him to animate us with life. Abandonment is the means God uses to reveal His mysteries to us. As you abandon yourself, you have no choice but to reach after Him, dwell in Him, and sink into nothingness before Him; God may take some of you aside for years at a time to reveal the enjoyment of one single mystery. Walk then in the light He has given you. If God chooses to withdraw this illumination from you, be just as willing to yield it back to Him. Some feel incapable at first of meditating on the mysteries God reveals to you in His Word. But don’t be afraid to enter into all God has for you. Be patient.





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